Mascara Glamour Full Set


Here's where the drama starts: intense black, this fuller-than-full set of lashes is stunningly voluminous and perfectly full of volume. If you love mascara, you will love this look! wear this look for everyday or switch up for a night out of town

Full Set $100.00

1 week fill 25.00

2 week fill 50.00

3 week fill 60.00

                                                  Mink Full Set

You won't settle for anything but the best, and you know you're going to get it. This is the pick of many celebs: cruelty free,100% real Siberian mink! Mink lashes are divinely light and sinfully luxurious, so you'll look and feel like a million bucks!

Full Set $150.00

1 week fill 30.00

2 week fill 60.00

3 week fill 70.00

                                    Butterfly Effect Full Set

Soft light extensions giving a elegant feathering look. Go as natural or full as you want, But still looking natural so nobody will never know they are not yours.

Full Set $150.00

1 week fill $30.00

2 week fill $ 60.00

3 week fill $ 70.00

Baby Doll Lash Lift $40.00


                                                                            Pretty Girl  Browz

 Microblading -$250

Microblading Touch Up -$140


Eyebrow Scuplting -$8